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Extension Tours: EXT-05
Yangon-Pyay-Akauk Taung-Yangon


Pyay also known as Prome is principal town in the Bago Division in Myanmar. Pyay is located on the Eastern bank of Ayeyarwady River and is 260 km Northwest of Yangon. The British Irrawaddy Flotilla Company established the current town in the late 19th century on the Ayeyarwady River as a transshipment point for cargo between Upper and Lower Myanmar. The staple crops are rice, cotton, and tobacco, the other products are teak, cutch, sugar, dairy products and the custard apples are famous. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient Pyu capital of Thayekhitaya (Sri Kestra), which has been recognized as world heritage site by UNESCO.
Across Ayeyarwaddy River on the western bank near Htone-Bo,there is a place of attraction called Akauk Taung (a toll-hill).At the end of the Second Anglo-Burmese war, Myanmar and British toll-posts were situated on Akauk Taung, a toll-hill in Myanmar language side by side. All boatmen had to pay tax to both posts. All sailing boats anchored close by the hill and waited till occasionally a week-long whirlpool ceased. The sailors prayed to God by carving Buddha images on the steep cliff side during that period. The mountain was named for the crafty toll-takers from the mid -19th Century. This trip will reveal one of the world heritage sites of Myanmar and the spectacular site of countless Buddha Images on the wall of Ayeyarwaddy River bank.

Tour Departure: On request
Departure Time: 7:00 Am
Tour Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night


After breakfast at your Hotel, you are picked up by our company’s Tour Guide at your hotel.
This morning, leave Yangon for Pyay, about 286 km North-West of Yangon on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, about 5 Hours Drive. Lunch either at a local restaurant on the way or in Pyay. Pyay (ex-Prome) is famous for Sriksetra; Ancient Pyu City from the 1st to 9th Century AD. The civilization once stretched north to south for hundreds of kilometers along the Ayeyarwaddy River, had advanced irrigation techniques and was part of the introduction of Buddhism to Myanmar. Enjoy the scenery and the country lifestyle as you will pass the green paddy fields along the side of the highway.
As we are approaching to Pyay, en route ,visit Shwe-taung; a small town 14 km from Pyay to see Shwe-myet-hman Phaya meaning 'Buddha Image with the Golden Spectacles' a reference to a large white face sitting Buddha image inside the main shrine. The Buddha image wears golden rimmed spectacles. Spectacles were added during the Konbaung era (the last Dynasty). There is a saying that this image can cure illnesses especially for eyes. Proceed to Shwe-nat -taung Pagoda; which means 'Golden Spirit Mountain'. This pagoda dates back to the Srikettra era. Legend takes it back all the way to 283 BC from which it was reconstructed by a long range of Myanmar Kings with the aid of local Nats (spirits).
Upon arrival in Pyay, check in at the Hotel. After refreshments, drive to Sriksetra, 8 km out of town. Visit Hmawzar archaeological museum to observe Pyu’s  urn-burials & artifacts such as , coins, ceramic, metal wares, stone inscriptions and gold leaves in Sanskrit,Pali & Pyu languages, etc. Later on, visit to Bawbaw Gyi, Be be Gyi, East & West Zegu pagodas, Leimyaethna Pagoda. Return to Hotel and Dinner at a good local Restaurant. Overnight in Pyay.
Accommodation: Hotel in Pyay
Meals: Lunch, Dinner


Today, after having Breakfast in your hotel. Drive to the other side of Ayeyarwady River, to Htone Bo; the small town where heavy industries of Government located, from where we will take a boat to see amazing numerous Buddha images of different size and posture carved along the cliffs of the riverbank, approxi: 15 min-sailing down and 45 min-sailing up boat ride.
This area is known as Akauk Taung, which means "Customs Hill" After the second Anglo-Burmese war in 1853, Akauk Taung became the border between Upper Burma, which belonged to the Myanmar King, and Lower Burma belonging to the English. Here, the British taxed goods, travelling by boat on the river and because of long Customs queue, boatmen started to carve Buddha images along the cliffs to while away their time. Return to Pyay and enjoy lunch at a good local restaurant.
After Lunch, visit Shwesandaw Pagoda; which treasured a duplicate of the Buddha’s tooth relic from Kandy, Sri Lanka. Later on, visit to Se-htet-kyi Phaya; an enormous seated Bhudda Image. Se-htat-kyi –meaning ‘Big Ten-storey’ for its height.
Drive back to Yangon and in the evening; arrive back to your hotel in Yangon.
Meals: Breakfast

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