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Myeik( Mergui)

It is one of the last real smuggling centers in Asia, has an abundance of marine life. Payagyi Pagoda in the town is an interesting place to visit. The PatawPatet, on an island off the coast is also an attractive spot to make a day excursion. Residents of Myeik assert that their archipelagos consist of some 800 islands. Most of them are still uninhabited. There is only one choice of guesthouse quiet clean and acceptable for international travelers. Most of the local restaurants serve Chinese food.


Further down south is Kawthaung, the Southernmost town of Myanmar, situatedon Cape Victoria, which is now changed to be known as Cape Bayintnaung. It has developed the population of 700 000. ThahtayKyun Islands (Pulau-Ru) is one of the closet risks with a large resort and a four star hotel. It is good for fishing, windsurfing and the best scuba diving under the silvery water of the Andaman Sea. Hopping on the speedboats will take you down to the scenic virgin islands of St. Lukke. Our live board diving cruise starts and finishes in this town. The new accommodations on the islands are under construction and within a few years we can be able to explore one of the most scenic and virgin islands with great convenience. The accommodation there is quite comfortable with 3* hotels as it is also Myanmar-Thai border trade town. A choice of Myanmar, Thai and Chinese cuisine is available.

Myeik( Mergui) Archipelago

Comprising over 800 islands and covering an area of 1000 square miles, these pristine islands are totally untouched by modern development, with a rich history of maritime trade, mysticism and piracy. The modern-day Myeik Archipelago is as it was in days gone by, bar the piracy! Due to the archipelago’s virtual isolation, the islands are surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna. Parrots, hornbills, sea eagles, Brahminary kites and herons fill the skies, whilst on land the animal population includes wild cattle, elephants, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, tigers, crocodiles and rhinoceros. The only human inhabitants in the area are the sea gypsies, a nomadic sea-faring race whose lifestyle has changed very little over the years, they have been the sole inhabitants of the Mergui Archipelago over the years and still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques used for generations. The area is recently opened to foreign visitors and we can arrange diving or sailing programs through these virgin-islands.Lampi Island- the length of the island is about 50 km and the average width about 11 km; with the land surface area around 205 km2. The distance to Lampi by sea from Mergui is 145 km and from Kawthaung, about 95 km. Lumpi Marine Parkhas great potential for both marine- and land-based ecotourism.

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