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Over four hundreds km from Taunggyi is Kyaing Tong-situated in the eastern part of Myanmar, just 160 km equidistant from three international borders, China, Laos & Thailand. The scenery is really wonderful and the unspoilt hill tribes make Kyaing Tong more attractive. Moreover, almost the whole year round, we can observe the traditional festival of ethnic groups, if we are lucky. The colorful local market, the WatZhon Kham Temple, which features tall gilded zedi topped by a gold hti (umbrella) inlaid with silver, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and jade, and hung with tiny gold bells, WatPha That Jom Mon features an older wood-and-plaster sanctuary with gold tinwork & a popular spot for morning and evening strolls Naung Tong Lake are highlights of Kyaing Tong. Above all, the large Haw Sao PhaKyaing Tong is one of the great sights, considered the most outstanding example of Shan-style palace architecture in Myanmar. The Shan lacquer ware workshops, the pottery village and the water buffalos market are also recommended to have a look. In order to visit the tribal villages, we can go trekking, which is soft and can be done at all ages. We can provide 4x4 as well for those who don’t want to walk but still want to observe the hill tribes. The longest time to walk is about one and half hours then we can stop at a village then proceed to another one after taking a rest. Even though they are reached by vehicles, the villages are not spoiled and the hill tribes are authentic. We can also arrange the trekking by motorbikes on request. The people can drive on their own if they wish but for their security, we recommend to take the drivers. Because of the less frequent tourist destination, there are not so many choices of accommodation. The best ones are 2* & 3*, but which are clean enough and attached with bathroom, air-conditioned and fridge. A few choices of local restaurants serve mainly Chinese foods & local foods but delicious.


Tachileik; the City of the Golden Triangleis a border town with Thailand in the Eastern Shan State of Myanmar.Tachileik has an Airport which links to three cities - Yangon, Mandalay, and Kyaing Tong. By road , Tachileik is connected to Kyaing Tong (approximately 6/7 hour-drive), which lies 106 km to the north, by the Asian Highway route and via Kyaing Tong and east to Mongla and on to Yunnan Province, China.

Tachileik can be accessible from the Thai town of Mae Sai, which sits directly south on the other side of the small Mae Sai River. There is a bridge that provides access between Mae Sai and Tachileikfor border crossing.From Tachileik, foreign visitors can travel by land the furthermost point to Kyaing Tong and can proceed by flight to any destinations in Myanmar.

It is the residence for many of the ethnic hill tribes such as the Khun, Akha, Shan, Wa and Lahus. The mixture of different ethnic cultures adds the diversity to the cultural practices of the area.Activities such as trekking, hiking, exploring, rock climbing, camping, and enjoying the river are not allowed for the foreign visitors in Tachileik.We arrange entering to Tachileik from Mae Sai by crossing the bridge. Upon arrival, we can assist the border pass procedure and take the clients to waiting vehicles. The Guests just have to walk about 05 minutes to cross over the Myanmar-Thai border bridge. We can even do vice versa by entering to Yangon, continuing to Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Kyaing Tong, then, concluding the tour in Tachileik.

Minelar(Mong La)

The border town of Myanmar-China is three hour-drive from Kyaing Tong. With the cooperation between two countries, Myanmar & China, there are new projects planning to develop the region and border trading. Unspoilt Wan Nyet old monastery, Wan Seng village, the Tai Loi’s places nearby Lwei stream, DwayNagara Golden Pagoda, Opium Free zone museum, Boundary Post, China- Xishaungbana Entry Gate & Multi-tribes garden are places to visit. We can do it as day return trip from Kyaing Tong and if we wish, we can even stop overnight as the hotels available. There are international 4* quality. The foods are served by very good restaurants.

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