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Mt. Victoria

It is 3200 meters above sea level, and the highest mountain in Chin state, Mt Victoria National Parkoccupies an area of 279 square miles (720 km2) and was established in 1994.It is a real precious natural heritage including over 160 species of birds, 5 indigenous species, a very rare species of rare birds which can be found only in Myanmar forest. Also can observe mammals such as tiger, bear, wild boar, leopard, guar, gibbob, etc. and 159 bird species, reptiles and butterfly are present and very rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna. With a 4x4 vehicle, we will encounter various types of forests along the way. Camp and trek in high elevation forest will get to know some tattooed face local Chin tribes, enjoy the evenings with locally brewed Khaung Yay and have a hassle free holiday. The region earns its living by outlive the millet, paddy, corn and coffee. The apples and oranges from Chin hills are famous in Myanmar. The Chin peoples are also skillful hunters. These places have only simple guesthouses without any facility. The bathroom and toilet are common used. The places to eat are also very limited and only the traditional village cooked foods are available.To visit to Mt. Victoria and area, you need a special permission as the area is restricted to foreign visitors and permission with a package tour can be arrange-able through tour companies.


Kanpetlet is the most beautiful town in Chin Hills. With a population of only around 2,000, Kanpetlet is the smallest town in Southern Chin State. The town is just about 50 miles away from Mindat, and only 12 miles away from Yaw in Sagaing Division. Most people in Kanpetlet are Chins. About half of the population in Kanpetlet is Christian, while the other half is Buddhists. The town itself is a very quiet and lovely town. It is built on the slope of the mountain, with large mountains overshadowing the little town. During winter, the mountains are covered in thick fog, transforming the whole town into a small paradise.

Electricity is available only two hours, from 6 PM to 8 PM at night. There are only two restaurants in town. There is no market like almost other villages in Myanmar. If you want to order any meal from the restaurant, you need to order in advance as they usually do not stock meat. Kanpetlet is a very good place to observe the Chin traditional way of life as it is totally unspoiled by the modern world.There are two Guest Houses near Kanpetlet, just a few miles away from the town. One is the Mountain Oasis Resort. The other is Pine Tree Resort. Both of them are nice little resorts with simple facility and none of them provide hot water. Breakfast is inclusive, but if you want lunch or dinner, you have to order in advance. During the winter it is extremely cold down to freezing point.The road to Kanpetlet is very rough compared to the road to Mindat. In many places, the road is muddy and dusty.The road trip from Chauk, it is an 80 miles trip. However, it may take half the day, or even more depending on the condition of the road.


Mindat is the most convenient and easily reachable town in Southern part of Chin Hills.From Bagan, the best road is Kyaukhtu-Mindat road which is linking Chin State and MagwayDivision,it takes about a half-day drive. Mindat is a small but peaceful, beautiful and tranquil town. With a total population of 10,000 people.The town is built along the top of a mountain range running east and west. Situated at 4,860 feet above the sea level, it is cool in summer and very cold in winter. And a lot of rain falls during the rainy season. The best season to visit Mindat is during summer where the weather is cool but not cold, and the roads are dry.You can observe many aspect of Chin life in Mindat. Local people are still wearing Chin costume. You can also observe the way they make famous Chin Khaung Yay (Chin Beer).

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