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Home of World Heritage

Cambodia is an incredible beautiful country with famous breathtaking temples, fertile plains dotted with rice fields, and a history unlike any other. It has so much to offer the international traveler in terms of a rich cultural, natural and historical heritage. Not only are there the world renowned Angkor Wat complex and surrounding temples steeped in history and mystique, and its charming and pleasant capital Phnom Penh, but for those who enjoy relaxing on tropical beaches Cambodia undoubtedly offers some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the world. Offshore lie coral islands and exotic fish while inland indigenous flora and fauna, waterfalls and tropical forests all await discovery. Cambodia assaults the senses leaving memories of a once mighty country that stay in the mind undiminished by the passage of time. The sights and sounds of a unique land with a tragic past captivate more and more people every year and offer a genuine experience for all who are fortunate enough to discover Cambodia. In recent years, the infrastructures of the tourism have been improved tremendously with the emergence of the international standard facilities such as world’s renewed hotels’ chains, various international flights, easy communication & transportation and high quality services. Without doubt, with its inherited wealth,Cambodia has enormous potential for tourism, either as an exclusive single destination or part of a tour in this Mekong region.


Why we visit Cambodia?

From ancient temples to pristine emerald forests, from glittering palaces to sandy beaches, Cambodia has it all. The country presents a fascinating history, diverse geography and rich culture. Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom offer stunning examples of Angkorian-era architecture, and the National Museum in Phnom Penh displays an astonishing collection of Khmer sculpture. Equisite Khmer art, ancient and modern, can be seen around the country. Classical Cambodian dance, a highly stylized royal ballet, always succeeds to appeal.Khmer cuisine is well-known because of its many local flavors. For all those reasons, we highly recommend to come and explore this Home of World Heritage.

Should we visit Cambodia?

Since the civil was was just finished in 1999, the country’s infrastructures are still necessary to be improved and the people still requires the supports and helps from international community. Toursim is one of the main sectors to contribute to help people of Cambodia in terms of education, economy, morality and culture. The money earning from tourism will feed the ordinary people such as porters, taxi drivers, waters, staff, artisans, etc. The country still needs a lot more to make better especially the Cambodian people requires the economic supports from the world.Thus by visiting Cambodia, you may be able to explore the diversity of the country while contributing your money to its people.


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